Today, we have a 5-hour break because we do not have class in both BotaOne and Tredone.. It is so boring that i do not know what to do... i do not really understand why most of the people want a long break. for me, a long break is really BORING! I just spend many hours in the library reading books. TheN, kAnelle and i felt bored so we went to McDo to eat icecream. Then, we went again to the library. At that time, Luciene is also finished at their meeting so we then went to Starbucks. After, we already went to Br. Andrew for our Persef class.


Today is our last day in PE and we have our practical test. i am already satisfied with my grade 1.0 :D Even though for some they may think that this is a low grade (and pe pa!) but for me this is not because i am not really good at volleyball...

Is It True?!?

08.08.08... Olympics, Olympics, Olympics....
It is a very special and exiting day today in Beijing, China because today is the start of 2008 Beijing Olympics!!

Many people believed that this day is a lucky day. For me, it is just a usual day because nothing really special have happened to me today. :)

This is my first time to watch the Olympics from the start of the show. It is spectacular! The opening was so elegant...

Cutting is fun!

Although today is our research break in Kaspil, we really have a break ... as in BREAK! After our research in the university library, we (Kanelle, Nicole, Lucience) went to Harrison Plaza. We have our lunch at Max's Restairant... We spent 800 + .. haha Then, we went to the department store but we did not buy anything. After, we suddenly thought of arcade so we asked where the arcade is. At first, I am not in the mood of playing ( I do not know why... haha) but after watching them playing, i can not resist myself not to play, so i played ... haha It is really fun and exiting day... BUT, during the day, i am having a problem with my tredone reflection paper because i do not know what am i going to write.. Hopefully, i am done with it right now.. So i have time to write to my blog right NOW!

Never Been Like This Before

Today, I only attended 1 class-- which is my tredone class. I am so happy because in my whole life this is really my first time to go to school for just 1 and half hours.. (2:40-410)haha ..
I do not think that this is possible again to happen some other day .. :D

I did it!

We have a practical test today in PE (volleyball)! At first, I thought that I will just get the lowest grade which is 75 (it is not a failing mark, though :). But luckily, I got 90 (I can not believe it also.. whao!) I am happy because I am not really good at volleyball.. haha
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