As usual, we left La Salle at aroung 8 15 because the jeep itself is late ... Really hate it.. NO time management .. instead of we can arrive the place earlier, now we will leave late ... It is boring yet fun to teach the children .. haha (does it make sense? )

6 more weeks to go ... No more CWTS ... Yes!!!


I started to like her when I watched Pi Li MIT so I searched the net about her today...haha ... I really like her because I think that she is very different with other stars... she is very true to herself ... she is a good singer and actress... I will always support you! 加油!!!

Basketball Players

When you asked me about the players, I really cannot answer you because I am not an avid fan of them like other people do... hehe .. but I am familiar with their names because I heard my blockmates talking about them most of the time...

We are early in P.E. class so we waited at the gym 9th floor where you can see the players practicing there. Today, I saw Casio, Atkins, and Malabes ... I would have not noticed them if Kanelle did not told me ... haha ... At least now I already saw them personally ... and I also just know it now that Atkins is wearing jersey # 7... :)


So, what's LEAP? The Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) is an annual activity sponsored by the Student Council and the Council of Student Organizations during the University Mission Statement Week.

We should at least enroll 1 one seminar/workshop as an alternative class. At first, I chose to go to ABS-CBN but there when I enrolled there are no slots any more... Next time I already know that I should enroll exactly 8 0'clock so that I would have a chance to tour ABS-CBN... hehe ..
Jenny and I met at the cybernook in Andrew 2d floor ... We both choose Blender in 3D... Actually I do not know what it is .. hehe .. but it said in the description that it teaches students the basics in creating 3D animation using Blender... I hope that I will really learn something there ...

P.S. thanks to Nikki because she gave me tikoy for Chinese New Year ... :D

Preparing for Chinese New Year

After our meeting in Evelyn's house, we went to Ongpin to buy something... but I did not thought that there will be many people there ... because it is my first time to go there before Chinese New Year .. hehe... There are different kinds of people there --- Chinese, Filipino, Americans, etc.. Some people are busy buying things that they need during New Year's Eve and some people are busy taking pictures of the dragon show. It's really amazing .. haha ..

Once again ...

Happy Niu Year !!!


When I wake up this morning, my head starts to hurt.... May be because I slept late last night ... I was at the parking at exactly 7 am and we left the plave at around 8 o'clock ... as usual ... we are late at because one of the jeep is late .. when we arrived there, we still waited for the children who we will be tutoring... There are 7 grade 4 students and 10 grade 3 students ...
We left the gazebo at around 1 30 and I arrived at Padre Faura at around 2 45.. Before I went home, I went to KFC to eat my lunch ... I arrived at the house at around 3 30... After arriving, I went to my bed and sleep...

A Long Walk

My mother and I went to C & E Bookshop in Recto today to buy my Physics book ... After we bought the book, we planned to go to SM Manila to buy some things.. We waited for a bus to take us there but we did not see any so we walked from Recto to Avenida ... which is almost a kilometer I think ... My leg really hurts... but then I did it .. haha .. After buying the things we need, we then go home ...


Before the counseling, i have met 3 of my high school friends today in school campus. they are jocelle, T.L. , and Loiue (who I have just met for the first time in school... hehehe)

So, I thought that the counseling would be individual but they said that we wrote our( Kanelle, Nikki, and me ) names in a box so we will be interviewed at the same time... I thought that they will ask very confidential questions but fortunately its not too confidential .. hehe .. it lasted for almost 45 mins....


Reporting, reporting, reporting .. Hate it

It is really unexpected that I will speak in front today in Soctec class... I am the one who speaks in front because I volunteered because no one in our group is willing to report... even though i will just hold a yellow paper and read, I am also nervous .. haha ..

In lab Zoology, we also have reporting; however, we will report in Monday ... I am really regretting why I did not go to NO2 right now... On the first place, why did i choose NO1!!!! ????????

Blood Cells

Before in our lab in Botany (care of Dr. Mandia... hehe ) she will divide our group into two so that we can finish the activity faster; however, in Dr. Claveria's class, she prohibit us from dividing our group... Instead of we can finish earlier, we will take longer time to finish .. it is also weird because if all the group members will do the same part some people will just stand and see what will happen..

The most interesting part in this lab session is the pricking of the finger.. But i did not prick my finger .. hehe .. because I am afraid .. when I looked at the microscope, I saw those cells moving .. hahaha.. it is really fun and interesting ,.. it is my first time to see it ..

Fiesta of Tondo

I have never been to a fiesta before... today is my first time because my mom's friend invited us to go and eat our lunch there ... there are so many people that you cannot pass through anywhere... it's like a buffet.. eat all you can .. haha ... then there is also desserts... there is ice cream from Fiorgellato and the ice cream in the side walk.. After, we went to the meeting in masangkay...


I never took notice of this drama before because I though that it is not interesting at all ... but when i watched it last night, i just realized it that it is great ... When you watch it you are really excited to know what is going to happen next... that's why it is called 霹靂 Mysterious Incredible Terminator

Fresh Meeting

I attended the very first fresh meeting this year. It is called fresh meeting because it is the meeting for new people. Even though I am not a new member, I still attended ... haha ... The topic today is about the meaning of Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo. It was great because I am able to hear new experiences again... hehe

btw, my mom is the emcee.... for the first time today


This is my first time to have encountered recollection in my whole life because during my high school days we don not have that. hahaha

Recollection is said to be finding God.
The whole day is a very tiring day with activities and discussions. there are 3 sessions all in all. our topic is about faith. How would you describe your faith at the moment? i have never asked this question before to myself. but during the personal reflection it was one of the questions asked. there are really some questions that are really hard to answer because I am still not sure about my answers.

I will never forget this day and how i feel. Will look forward to lasare2....

P.S. Next time I will never say that I am a Buddhist in Lasare again... :)

Hip Hop

We had our first meeting today in dancing.. First we thought that we do not have to change pe t-shirts anymore because one of my blockmate said that we do not have to (because we thought that his prof would be our prof too)... so when our prof came in, he said that we should change .. haha... Our prof is fine (bakla ... haha).. He said that our dance would be Hip Hop... it is okay for me BUT my groupmates (Monik and company)are not!!! I really hate it !!!

I hope that it would come out right... ***sigh***

"Practice makes perfect."

Jan 10

I have mentioned before that I will watch 快乐大本营 because the cast of Fated to love you will be there... I am happy that I have watched it because I thought that I could not watch it .. hehe

2d Day

This is our second day of the 3rd term. I only have 2 classes this day which is Physics lab and Physics lecture. i am surprised that our physics lab is open.. and you can attend different classes except for practical and final exam. In physics lecture, the one that caught most of my attention is his magic show... haha ... It may seem very simple but it's hard also .. haha ... Why did he perform magic? it's because of Gravity ... haha ...

First Day High (3rd Term)

Today is the first day of my 3rd term.
It is rainy outside and it is really different when I walk throung Sta. Elena (Juan Luna-- which is where I pass through every morning) because you can see the road is very quiet unlike before when i pass there. The jeep is also very few.
My schedule is fine. I have 4 subjects today ---- Soctec (which is said to be boring.. haha ), Analche (Dr. Robles is fine... better than Dr. Paano... Peace! hehe ), Zoology One and LbyBio1 (the prof is same--- Dr. Claveria)
At last, I have already entered the Lecture Room beside A1102... before I really wanted to see how it look like .. and today I saw it!!

Finally Over

Everything has its own limit and now our Christmas vacation is finally over :(... Our class will begin tomorrow. New year, new term... Hope this new term will be better .. Forget all the unnecessary things and start again like a clean slate.. Its time to torture us again with all of those exams and papers... Woah!

Why like this?

Some schools or universities already have classes today yet I am still here at home doing nothing... I do not know what can I do.. Surely students who have classes today do not want to go to school yet ... But me, I likely want to go to school now because I am bored...I do not know what to do right now...

It is really weird (for me) because of there are classes I do not want to go to school but when there is no classes or vacation, I wanted to go to school because of Boredom...

It is really WEIRD!

New ?....

I had an haircut today ... even though the style is the same.. at least I cutted... hehe

I hope my new hair cut would bring some good things to me this 2009 .. haha

I hope my decision is correct .. haha

Bye my hair ..

五月天 Mayday

This is not my first time to hear about this band. I just realize it now that their band is great when I watched then on 快乐大本营(Chinese Variety in Hunan TV) ... It is composed of 5 members -- named Ah-Xin 阿信(vocalist), Monster 怪獸 (Guai Wu/Guai Shou) and Stone石頭(Shi Tou) (lead guitars), Masa瑪莎 (Ma-sha)(bass guitar) and Guan You 冠佑(Guan-You) (drums). One of my favorite is 阿信... Their songs are great.

P.S. Next week their guests will be 阮经天(Ethan Ruan) and 陈乔恩(Qiao En) who are the casts of Fated To Love You 《命中注定我爱你》. Watch Out for it!... hehe


I am really addicted to this song right now 梁山伯与朱丽叶... I do not know why but I just want to hear this song every time I open my computer... It is really a nice song sung by Genie Zhou (卓文萱) and Gary Cao (曹格)...

Happy New Year!!!

One year have passed and another year has arrived...
I wish that 2009 will be a better year to everyone compare with 2008
New Year, New Beginning!!!
Forget the past and welcome the new beginning...
Happy 牛 Year !!!
Happy 2009...
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