Super Slide Opens in Singapore Airport

Super Slide Opens in Singapore Airport
Singapore Airport
Who cares about delayed flights when you can pass the time riding a 40-foot-tall, jumbo twister slide?
Singapore’s Changi Airport recently unveiled the Slide@T3, the tallest slide in Singapore and, for the record, in any airport around the world. The attraction is the latest addition to a long list I like to call, “ridiculously amazing things to have in an airport,” including a movie theater, a rooftop swimming pool, and the Butterfly Garden (which is also home to a collection of 200 carnivorous or insectivorous plants).
For every $22 spent in the airport, adrenaline junkies (or really brave little kids) get tokens for two rides on the slide. Visitors who don’t want to travel at the speed of 19 feet a second, can take a ride down the shorter, one-and-a-half-story tall slide located at Terminal 3 Basement 2, which is free.
For a snapshot of the slide ride, check out the video (complete with jazzy music) below.

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对不起, 又让你失望了…
也知道现在已经太晚了, 可是我会尽力的.
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