COS Race

630 call time (sabi pa kahapon sa Course orientation na bawal ang late ... haha).. pero mga 640 na nakarating si Carlo (Balagtas) .. hahaha.. tapos may inassign na samin(Joland, Lucience, Kanelle, Jocelle, ako, dun din si Carlo) kung ano yung gagawin .. kami ung magbabantay sa apple station.. 6 45 nandun na kami para mag setup .. pero la naman nangyari .. hehe .. 8 na.. nandyan na ung mga racers d pa naman namalayan .. haha .. hindi pa nga namin alam ung answer sa question ehh .. (tungkol sa colorblindess.. )... ang saya tingnan ung mga racers ... haha maaga kami natapos... wala pang 10 .. tapos pumunta kaming museum ... nandun ung isang station. tapos pumunta kami sa SJ 209 nandun naman ung isang station... Ang lamig kc classroom ehh .. haha ... Overall--- fun, fun, fun!

130 Intfilo report... super nakakanervous.. hehe .. sa faculty kami ni sir nagreport(or should i say parang talk lang .. hehe).. mabait naman si sir .. hehe ..

Friday Class

I attended a forum in A 18th floor about Israel for Intfilo because if you attended you'll get plus 20 points ... The forum is nice because there is a film viewing about .... After, we went to Rice Taft. Then, we attended Bota2 lecture...

One Thursday

We have a post lab in Lbych22; however, we did not change room. After having eaten our lunch, we waited until 12 10. We went to the chapel near SJ Library. this is my first time to enter there. We went there because we want to hear the Dr. Mandia's talk... hehe .. It's all about saving our planet earth.. Nurture Nature... Today is also the birthday of JC and Jocelle... We do not have class in Intfilo today because it is Philosophy Day but we have an alternative class. we should attent a talk at Y408-409. There are already many people and there is almost nowhere to sit... After attending the talk, naglibre si Jocelle ng ice cream sa SPS... Thanks!! Happy Birthday ... haha

On-line Enrollment

I thought that online enrollment would take me very long as what jenny have said to me, but it is not... This is my first time to enroll in an online enrollment. i am quite excited yet nervous because i do not know how. :D

A Busy Day

In the Morning, we went to San Mateo Rizal (to our host family). We discussed what we are going to do in our C2. This is also the last meeting for C1... yeah! My partner is absent(Kevin) so I am bored. I only watched tv in the house of my host family. we watched a suspense movie (i think it is called Hostel? ) We left at around 130 ... After, I went to the store because my parents were both out... (ninang and ninong sa kasal) At around 615 I went to Philam Life to watch Renditions ... I just went there for the plus points in Intfilo (35 pts... hehehe) I left at aroung 730. Then we went to Gloria Maris CCP...


This is my first practicum ever for Botany2 class. Where? National Museum. We should work there for 5 hours.
Actually, I should go there at 8 o'clock pero tinatamad ako .. hehe .. so I arrive there at exactly 9 am. Our job there is to clean specimens. Arrange it according to family. Ang daming families .. whew! haha ... Lunch, kumain kami sa canteen dun. Mura siya pero super alat ng pagkain. Tapos bumalik kami para mag arrang ulit. We end at exactly 2 pm...

Hate Intfilo!

I now realized that 13 is really an unlucky number!! Hate this day... The first half of the day was just okay until Inoche class .. but after that ... don't ever mention it!!
We (Luciene, Ella, and I)have a report in Intfilo today .. Our report is about aesthetics.. I think that the topic we chose is incorrect .. At the start of the introduction, Sir Ver, our prof already asking as question and I do not know how to answer it. i know that our presentation is not good but we really took time to do it. I think cramming is really good because when you do things in a cram way, the results will be better. Other groups just did their presentation the day before but we did it 4 days before and still their work is better.... whew ..

Hidden Valley Field Trip (Nov. 7, 2008)

I can decribe it in just one word-- fun!
Our bus consist of Lbybiob NO2 and some N01 students and some 3rd yr students. Our facilitator is Sir Christian de la Rosa.
The place is really nice... (may welcome drink pa .. hahaha)
We went there to collect specimens. After collecting, we can do whatever we want.
Nakakapagod talaga .. forest na forest .. hehe
nakakatakot ng konti kc super dulas ng road tapos ang liit pa ng daanan..
We just spend half day collecting the specimens. BTW, we are assigned to collect Pteridophytes(ferns). After collecting, we went to eat our lunch(around 1130). After, we went to ladies locker to rest.. hehe ..
We arrived at DLSU at around 730 and we put our collected specimens in STRC 208. I arrived at the house at exactly 8 o'clock.
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