Driving is not easy at all especially if you do not have background on it.
Well, I am enrolled at A-1 Binondo.
Today is my first 2-hr session of driving. I have a mixed emotion. I am nervous but at the same time excited because this is my first time to drive.
I am having difficulty in the gas pedal (I do not know why ... haha )...

From: A-1

Free Bag of Skittles

 You have a chance to get your free bag of skittles... Just send your link to 20 of your friends! It is available worldwide

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Otters holding hands

 I found this video in photobucket and I remembered the first time when Sir Jappy let us see this video. It is really very adorable...

LTO - Tayuman

Today I went to the LTO (Land Transportation Office) Tayuman to get my student's permit. I will be starting to learn how to drive on May 27, 2010.

It was just an easy process:
First, get you application form and fill it up.
Second, submit the application form (go to the window as said by the person (guard) who is in charge.)
Third, take a picture and signature
Fourth, pay at the cashier counter.
Last, get your permit and the official receipt.

Sublime Venus-moon alignment seen Sunday night - Nation - GMANews.TV - Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs - Latest Philippine News

Sublime Venus-moon alignment seen Sunday night - Nation - GMANews.TV - Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs - Latest Philippine News

A rare sight: the smile of a crescent moon and the planet Venus above it on Sunday night as seen from Manila. Luis Liwanag

Venus joined the crescent moon, its bottom part illuminated with a bright lining a few days after the new moon phase.
I was gazing at the sky last night and I saw this. I thought it was just a star at the top of the moon ... hahaha ... I never thought that it was Venus!

Win tickets for the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 20

Post From: Azrael


The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival 2010 featuring JoJo, Frankie J, Baby Bash, Diana King, SWV, P.M. Dawn,All-4-One and V Factory happens on a Saturday, May 15, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Tickets are available at Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival happens on Saturday, 15 May 2010, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Tickets are available at Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Ticket prices are currently pegged at (VIP) Php4,400 | (Gold) Php2,860 | (Silver) Php1,650 | (Bronze) Php770.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival 2010 is a production of Divan Media.


2z0t5` w"X&e6ewww.onlynicholas.com.hk張棟樑香港歌迷會3g%N8~(@'S:O#t8B


FROM : youtube(dream1029jenny)


張棟樑Nicholas Teo:
Wow.. Love love my wakeboarding morning.. Super Sunday.. Yeah~ ^_^


From: Nicholas Teo FB

[10/05/07](The Sun)In china are aware of as Nicholas Teo.

Original :Seeking Malaysia’s own super boys
/Y/G#C2q'I"c#{3T5P:eTHE latest singing reality show to hit our shores is Super Boy, a spin-off from the Super Girl show in China. That show, which started in 2007, has already discovered many top China artistes, such as Zhang Jie and Su Xing.
'O%i9c"A8l)i4z.?&A5~7hThis one-of-a-kind reality singing show has become the highest rated reality show in China with over 350 million people tuning in.www.onlynicholas.com.hk8q*@7k"e j+S

%g"\5q;x.?3l&A$zBudding male artistes here now have a shot at international stardom, courtesy of a collaboration between China Hunan TV and 8TV, starting this month.
5E)u/l({2H(@6Z(B4v#F4P2~"China Hunan TV pitched us this idea a month ago and now we are doing it for real!" said 8TV general manager Lam Swee Kim. "We are truly excited and happy that Hunan TV chose to collaborate with us for this highly-rated contest."
!o0I!R3z6z7V/fLam added that this partnership is one way for 8TV to offer better contents for its Chinese viewers.
$]9@ H'f8R#@-H-k'`*A!J$L$K)c0}
Hunan TV World executive director Alex Liu said: "Malaysia was chosen as one of the venues for the auditions because our viewers in china are aware of Malaysian singers such as Fish Leong and Nicholas Teo. ,z3f"y2y$c:G+n/d0x
"Therefore, we feel that this might be a chance for us to discover even more talents from Malaysia and give them the opportunity to achieve success at international level."
0m0A)@'m"["EApart from Malaysia, Super Boy auditions will also take place in Canada, the US and Australia where the top five participants from each country will earn the chance to attend vocal training in China!;y9N&R2e;x/U3C,J"V*_+Z

6h4Y3T1q#o aAuditions are now open for the Malaysian show at the Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on May 22 and 23, from 10am to 5pm.
5r1J'P"l4_!q2X(u/j&V2LThe auditions will be hosted by 8TV’s Hoon Mei Sim with Kyan Lim of One FM and judged by singer, TV host and dance teacher Nick Ye Nai-wen (better known as Niu Nai of the former Taiwanese boyband, Energy); local music producer Lee Nai Kong; and well-known deejay Chiong Pei Pei.張棟樑香港歌迷會-{4C.?(B1Q k1\*s"R

)r0C+?-O"K v.R;Iwww.onlynicholas.com.hkMalaysian males aged 18 and above with no contract with any record label or artiste management firm are encouraged to join. Participants are given free rein to sing in any language they prefer. #x W(n(d$\9o)@(R
Those interested should bring along their original identity card and two copies of recent photographs (at least 3R – half and full body) to register.
*y$I*F:c O D:]([0U%G.e4s8]"A'h5C
The Super Boy-Sea Star Malaysian audition shows will be aired on 8TV on June 26 and July 3 at 4pm. 1a2Z.O"\ V"W-T0g"D)V
8[,l3|'h!g4H M H1P&c
8TV will also air the final 10 episodes of China’s Super Boy show every Saturday and Sunday from July 10 to Sept 5 at 4pm.
-Q;P8\+o/t3K6gThe grand finals will be aired in Malaysia on Sept 11 from 4pm to 6pm. %x5J8~.n)`
Catch weekly updates on 8E-News or over the official radio station, One FM張棟樑香港歌迷會6d2Q2}(B0s
www.onlynicholas.com.hk'w T6r4[!T:x+v&^





Amalfi 是个很漂亮的小镇。最重要的是有很多很好吃的餐厅。哈哈!因为这里的地势,很多这种梯间小路。很有特色。

其实意大利西海岸有很多小镇都很不错,Amalfi 只是其中一个。但是这里开车心脏要很强,路超小,大车多,还靠崖,有是真的会很恐怖!哈哈!


From: Nicholas Teo Sina Blog


“各位親愛的聽眾朋友大家好,我是DJ Nic。感謝大家收聽我的節目,這兩天有收到一些點唱單都在點同一首歌。他們希望可以在這個特別的日子,聽到這首特別有意義的歌。來自歌手張棟樑的《爸爸 媽媽》。嗯。。這首歌我聽過,蠻好聽的,但是不會有點太悲嗎??就意思還不錯!!那就送這首歌給全天下的朋友,祝大家母親節快樂。不要不好意思跟媽媽說一 聲Mummy, I Love U!聽歌咯!我是你們的深夜知己,DJ Nic。" *請用老式怪腔怪調來解讀(很多很多氣音加ABC腔那種),因為DJ Nic是個怪怪深夜DJ*



Today, I was assigned in the concourse. The job of the concourse is to give flyers and explain to the guests what we have and take their orders. It is very tiring because the talking is nonstop while standing ... However, I did not feel bored because the Marshal (Kuya Lito) talked to me everytime ... He kept me smiling because of his jokes...

Personality Test

I saw my friend taking this personality test and she said that it is accurate so I tried it myself... :)

Go Here for the Personality Test



It was schedule yesterday that it will be my turn (with JC, Felichi, and CJ) today to try the aquanaut. I am really nervous because what if there will something wrong on the half way. And it really happened ... :( The thing that I am most afraid of happened to me... I do not know what really happened to me but may be because I am out of balance so flipped ... At first I am shocked and I do not know what to do but still I kept on swimming until I arrived at the stairs... I think this is the most unforgettable moment that have happened to me!





然後看葉問2!耶~ ^_^


"Aquatica" Maiden of the Sea

From: Manila Ocean Park Website

Today, the staffs of MOP let us watch it. It was beyond my expectation. It is really high tech. All the effects are fantastic. It is very worth it to watch.

Maiden of the Sea is the first multi-sensory water musicale featured at Acquatica, a new section that doubles as a swimming theme park by day and musical theater at night. The show features a live cast and high-tech computer imaging, fantastic pyrotechnics, and 20-foot high water effects.

It tells the story of the kingdom of Kanimbala, who has become abusive of the environment and the seas. The goddess Inangat curses the kingdom and brings illness upon King Lakandiwa. The king then sends out his three sons to find the only woman who holds the cure: Dalanggat, the maiden of the sea.

Moral of the Story: if you're kind to Mother Nature, she'll be kind to you too.

From: GMANews.TV



資料來源:張棟樑Nicholas Teo Facebook專頁







From: Nicholas Teo FB

Glass Bottom Baot Ride

It is my first time to try the boat ride ... I have wanted to ride the boat ever since the first day, but it just today that I tried it ... :) It is nice because you could see the real size of the fishes unlike in the tunnel. You could also see some fishes that you have not seen in the tunnel ...

This is the top view of the tunnel and where people can baot ride ...

From:  I Heart Manila                   

The Cove

After the orientation, we watched a documentary called THE COVE. It is about the killing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The film highlights that the number of dolphins killed in the Taiji dolphin hunting drive is several times greater than the number of whales killed in the Antarctic, and reports that 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed in Japan every year in the country's whaling industry. The migrating dolphins are herded into a hidden cove where they are netted and killed by means of spears and knives over the side of small fishing boats.

It is really very heart aching to see people killing animals especially dolphins. I am a dolphin lover. Dolphins are lovely animals and they should not be treated cruelly.

For those people who have not yet seen this documentary, you should watch it. You can see how cruel people are.

Dolphins: Aren't they lovely? 

 From: Animal Planet


We just had an orientation a while ago in Manila Ocean Park (MOP) for our practicum ...
Sir Jappy orient us about the Life Support System in MOP... Filtration removes all sorts of waste products. It is also to support life. He also talked about different species of fishes found within MOP. There are about 200 species found in there and composed of about 8000-10000 fishes. After the orientation, we watched a documentary THE COVE.

After the documentary, because it is still early, so I decided to stay at the Dalampasigan ... This is my first time to touch a Bamboo shark... :)



From: Nicholas Teo FB


文標題:沉迷電子媒體少互動 宅男奼女當心被社會淘汰4i,w"W&s7L&D%O%i6X

(u#Z q3I,p)B6t3\)L5[

,M:k-o7b*n/d:E-k張棟樑香港歌迷會'd ^9r6I7Z
辦簽唱會吸引青年www.onlynicholas.com.hk(Q)g1J0T1j-k,S x"[5l
至於該會是否舉行一些活動喚起他們對時事政治的熱情,例如呼籲青年登記為選民,黃振隆認為,這些課題對青年而言過於沉重,但若以較輕鬆方式,如邀請有號召力的歌手等呼籲。1^,e/i s/y2|
4f c4n A'z7Lwww.onlynicholas.com.hk資料來源:東方新聞網


Jelly Fish

I was assigned again today at the Jellies. Even though it is a bit boring there; however, I had a chance to touch the jelly fishes ... It is my first time. :) It is jelly-like and it smelled like fish... haha .. I think that is why they named it Jelly Fish .. :)

                            This is the place where we stay ...

After seeing those jelly fishes, you can buy some things in the souvenir shop ... :)


Dalampasigan is shore in English ...
There is one corner called Dalampasigan. I like to stay there everytime because I can play with the sea star and the sea cucumber ... hehe
I also like to see the reactions of different people especially the kids whenever we say that they can touch the sea stars and the sea cucumber...

Different species of sea stars in Dalampasigan

 by the way, there are also bamboo sharks in the Dalampasigan ... so be careful not to touch them ... :)

Kids Learning Area

Today, I was assigned to the Kids Learning Area... It was not boring there because at least I have something to do ...

    Kids Learning Area

This is what I do... Cut and cut and cut! :)



資料來源:張棟樑NicholasTeo Facebook專頁
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