Origami Class

Instead of having Physics class, me and my seatmates (Kanelle and Meg) having an origami class... haha...
I really forgot how to do some of the usual folding stuff that I should have known... because I used to do it when I was high school or elementary .. haha (I am that old ... haha) For example... how to make a boat, airplane , etc ...

I really miss those days that I still know how to fold papers and play with them ..



今天在自由大厦庆祝青年节。Actually it is required, so I have no choice but to go ... hahaha
But actually it is worth it because there is a performance ... hehe ...
The first part of the program was really boring ... Actually, I think no one is really listening .. haha
However, the last half part of the program was fun... There is singing, dancing, and also wushu ....


I have not been going to Starbucks for already how many months...
This is my first time again to enter Starbucks for this year ... hahaha

Well, the prices have gone up ... but the taste is still the same

Culminating Activity

It is a big day today ... hahaha

It is our culminating today in FWDance ... all of the dance class will perform today!!!
I am not quit nervous even though I still do not know the steps that much ...

We are the 7th performer ... and we are also the only one that performed hip hop... We are also the least person who performed on stage ... Almost all of them covered the whole court but we just covered the center stage... hahaha

It is a pretty fun experience though .. hahaha...
And also, this will be our last P.E.
Thank God ...
However, I will miss those P.E. days ...

Dance Rehearsal

Rehearsal?? hahaha

Well, tomorrow will be a big day ... because tomorrow ... we will dance in front of many people ... haha ... it is pretty embarrassing because I am just looking at the person beside me ... haha

And one thing... one unexpected thing happen ... kanelle and I will be joining the last part of the dance ... haha...
At first, I do not want to join but because Kanelle insisted ... so I joined ... haha
Well, it is interesting .. hahaha... At least I can learn new steps...

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab is very famous in their pizza...

Well, to tell you the truth, this is my first time to eat in Yellow Cab ... hahaha
But it is not my last though...
Well, at first when I see the price,I thought in my mind that it is so expensive ... The size 14 of pizza of pepperoni and mushroom is already 450 pesos... However, it is worth it because it is big ...
I just eat pizza during lunch time... and yet I am not hungry until 6 pm... haha

Physics Exam

We had our last physics exam today ...
I did not study that much because we just had a test a while ago...

The previous 2 exams there is a pattern in his exam, but today, we are somewhat disappointed ... hahaha... because he changed the pattern.. also, the last page has no pattern at all .. or maybe I just do not realize it .. haha

Feeling Bad

I have been feeling dizzy these few day ...

This is my first time to be feeling this way ... It is really different...
When I do something, I really feel uncomfortable...
My mom told be maybe my Blood Pressure "BP" is low, so I tried to take my BP... then, it is really true..
My BP is kind of low ...

It is really bad experience of mine ... Hope it will not happen again ..

P.S. To everyone who is reading this.... Take Care of your health always!!!

Finally Done

What I am afraid of these days is that we cannot cross enroll in other subjects due to no slots available ...

I am very now ... because we already enrolled successfully ..

Magic Show

I doubt it if anyone have never seen magic yet... Even little children have already seen it many time...

Before our class in Physics, our professor showed us some tricks (poker cards) and we are really amazed... His hands are really fast... haha ...He teach us how he did it... He slowly showed us how it was done... it is really fantastic ...


昨天晚上因为没事做,而且还很睏 ,所以八点左右就睡觉了。。。



Evening Class

We have an evening class today because of Zoology remedial class...

One advantage that I realized is that if you are late going home, is that your travel time is faster because there is less car ... Therefore, less traffic .... haha

However, one disadvantage is that of safety... It is very dangerous especially when you are alone ...

Be Careful Always!!


I just realized now how difficult is online enrollment... especially when you are cross enrolling ..
because our schedule done by the vice dean is not what we like... because there is a Friday class .. and we hate it.. haha

You have to wait for the day for cross enrollment ... We are afraid that there is no slots for us ...
Hope that there will still be 3 slots for us ... Even just for 3 slots only ... haha


It is campaigning time again!!!


One thing that I like about their campaigning is that we are it can relieve our sleepiness.. haha

One of the candidates in Tapat is our very own block president Shiny Yu!!! One funny thing that happened is that she suddenly "pumiyok"... hahaha ... Everyone really laughed... One bad thing about her is that she is frequently saying wrong things... Or even forget her lines...
Fortunately, Nicole Gaba know everything ...


我忘记了带我 Zoology 的 作业还有我的笔记本。。。

Last Soctec1 Reporting

Actually I am not nervous about it ...

I really do not know why because every time when i know that I will be reporting in front, my heart starts to beat very fast ... but fortunately, it did not happen ..

I am happy because I feel that I am already improving .. haha
may be because I will just read what is written in my papar .. haha


因为 Orinetation 已经很晚结束,所以耽误了时间。。。但我们还要去 SM 买东西, 所以很晚才回到家的。。。

然后,就去 Department Store 看看, 因为今天是最后一天的 SALE 了。。。
虽然是 SALE 但价钱还是一样的贵。。。 哈哈



妈妈说的果然是真的。。。应该每星期天都该去Orientation 。。。

我好像有点后悔了, 因为很多尚一的校友也参加了。。。
我第一个认识的人是 elizabeth 。。。 虽然我只问到他的名字。。。哈哈





Last Day of C2

最后的 Community Service 。。。
其实没有甚么舍不得的。。。 哈哈



本来今天有上体育课, 但是我没上。。。哈哈

还有,我用了我新的耳机。。。 哈哈(分享而已。。。)


interview... 真的很麻烦。。。

我跟我妈妈昨天就说好了三点要再自由大厦见面, 但是今天她迟到了。。。
反而让我等了30 分钟。。。

我先去四楼 ,到了那边, Beverly (那里得管里员)先让我填Form。。。
然后再回去四楼。。。 说星期天有Orientation, 我应该去


P.S. 我去北京的时候又没有这样。。。实在是烦死了。。。


青蛙虽然很小也不会咬人 ,但是很可怕的是牠很会跳。。。
其实我不是第一次看到活的青蛙 ,但是是我第一次自己拿到活的,真的很害怕。。。哈哈

我真的很幸运, 因为我拿到底青蛙是很乖的---牠没有尿,因为别的青蛙都有尿。。。
还有, 我的青蛙不会很乱动。。。

This is really a good experience... Will never forget the feeling ...

我们不要小看这些青蛙 ,因为虽牠们很小但是牠们的生命力很强。。。虽然已经把牠们剪掉了,牠们还活着。。。好可以跳呢



今天我们的Physics考卷已经还我们了。。。 你们猜猜看我拿了几分?
我拿到了39/40。。。 很惊讶吧。。。哈哈






不知道该高兴或该担心 ,
该担心因为在夏天的时候应该很热 ,但现在却在下雨。。。 意思是说 Global Warming...



今天进了学校却没做什么事。。。 幸好我的同学有带笔记本, 所以我就趁着时间读书了。。。 哈哈。。。
虽然不完全记得下来,但我有好好得把握时间(真的吗? 哈哈)。。。

幸好下个礼拜是最后了。。。以后就没了。。。大高兴了 !

我现在在犹豫是否在暑假要去台湾?!? 我很想去但。。。 想,想,想


我现在应该是在读书, 但是我在玩电脑。。。
我实在是不得不不开我的电脑 ,因为不知道为什么。。。 哈哈



今天早上一醒来不知道为甚么我的头突然好晕。。。而且今天是第一次发生这种情况。。 。我觉得好像有地震 ,走来走去。好险我出去的时候已经没晕了 ,不然我不知道会发生什么事。。。 真是谢天谢地。我真的希望不要在发生这种事。。。

Zoology Lab


Our mid term in P.E is finally over....
I am very ashamed because my high school classmate is there .... Irving ... I hope that he did not see me ... haha and the other blocks are also there watching us...
I will upload the video here if Jocelle sent it to me already ...

Dance, Dance, Dance

Tomorrow is the day!!! Tomorrow will be our mid term exam in P.E.
Hopefully I could follow the song because I often forget the steps .... Sorry guys... :(
I am doing my best to be the best of all the groups.... wow!!! hahaha ...
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